Monday, September 19, 2011

Deluxe Fat Separator

Deluxe Fat Separator Review

747119 Most fat separators rely on a spout at the base of the jug to separate out the gravy juices from fat. You simply pour out the juice and leave behind the fat after the layers have settled. But when you initially pour the fatty liquid into the separator how do you stop the combined fat and juice splashing up the spout? The Cuisipro Deluxe Fat Separator uses a patent pending system that blocks the base of your spout until the fat and the juice have separated, so no fat ever enters into the spout. Features: -Create clear, healthier gravy and sauces with this unique kitchen tool. -Liquid is strained of food particles as it enters the container. -With lid in closed position, the hole at the base of the spout is blocked, keeping liquid in the bowl of the measuring cup while fat separates from the gravy. -Once separated, the lid can be snapped up to unplug the spout and release the pure, lean gravy into the pour spout. -Oversized rim prevents spills. -Convenient easy to read measurement markings are clearly noted on side. Specifications: -Material: Heat resist plastic (SAN) body and (nylon) strainer. -Capacity: 4 cups/1L (32 oz/1000 ml). -Dishwasher safe. -Microwave safe for short bursts of time only. -25 year warranty.

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